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(This soccer drill is fun and teaches Dribbling & Kicking a Soccer Ball, every player has a ball, no lines, age 3, 4, 5, 6, U4, U5, U6)


A simple, fun soccer drill that is a game that can involve the parents attending practice. Players buzz like bees and kick the ball at the “giants” to try to “sting” them. For soccer players age 3, 4, 5, 6, U4, U5, U6.


Familiarity with using feet to dribble and kick a ball


  • Use 4 cones to make a square 7-10 yards wide (adjust the size as you believe appropriate)
  • Each player has a ball
  • Ask any parents at practice to participate

The Game:

  • 1st, tell the players that they are “Soccer Bees” and should dribble around inside the square and buzz like a bee. Tell them to push the ball with their feet and keep it close. Tell them they must stay inside the square because it is their “bee hive”.
  • 2nd, after a few minutes, have the parents go inside the square. Tell the “bees” that their hive is being invaded by giants and they should “sting” them with their soccer ball. The parents should walk around and have fun while the players try to kick a ball into them. Play until they get tired of it.
  • Don’t keep score


Just have fun and don’t let anyone get hurt. This type of activity is perfect for U-6. They get familiar with using their feet and learn that soccer practice is fun, so they will want to attend.

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